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Using the best products on the market along with proper techniques Maria will make this your best waxing experience. All wax is used at the lowest possible setting. For more sensitive skin a hard wax is used that lifts away from the skin as it hardens, only adhering to the hair. For larger waxing areas a soft wax heated only to body temperature will reduce redness and inflammation. Soothing lavender is applied to calm the skin and relax the senses.


professional waxing

Whether your a first time client or a life long waxer, my gentle techniques insure your discomfort is kept to a minimum. Over time waxing gets easier and reduces the amount of hair permanently.

To keep the area smooth and hair free come back every four to six weeks.

TIP:  Don’t shave between appointments, as it will only cause irritation, ingrown hairs and less lasting results.